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Hi, I’m Hannah. How do you move?

We all have different bodies, different likes and dislikes, different habits… so why should our yoga practise all look the same?

As I continue through my own yoga and movement journey I’m becoming increasingly curious as to how we can make this beautiful practise that we’ve adopted here in The West as personal, as rewarding and as enjoyable as possible. For me, personally…. that comes in part from breaking the rules….. I wish I was as bad ass and rebellious as that sounds! :)

In a world full of stimulation, rules and expectations can we make space for ourselves? Can we create time to slow down and really pay attention to the body that we live in, so that instead of trying to manoeuvre it into someone else’s version of what a pose “should” be, we can start to feel what works for us. In this way we can work to create our own unique dance of movement and stillness, of strength and softness. embracing the challenges and the ease that are our blueprint.

Whether on or off the mat, whether for yoga, fitness, or for learning to love yourself. . . let me help you on your journey. Not to show you “The right way” but to help you find YOUR WAY. Who knows what you can achieve.