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After many years as a dancer, gym instructor and general movement enthusiast, a back injury in 2012 finally lead me to commit to a yoga practise. After feeling not just the physical benefits but also noticing the effects on my mind and stress levels, I decided to complete my 200hr Teacher Training.

In 2017 I completed a further 350hr Advanced Training with my teacher Julie Martin which has allowed me to move away from the more usual styles of Vinyasa Flow (from Ashtanga Vinyasa Roots) and more into a Somatic (body sensation lead) style. You can expect to flow through poses and sequences as you build an open communication with your body to find the best, most supportive, most fluid way for you. This method is not only fantastic for mobility and strength but also for rehabilitation and providing more longevity within your movement practise.

In the same way that we as human beings, are individuals, Yoga is not one size fits all; No two bodies are alike. Building a strong  sense of connection and communication with your body is not only beautiful but hugely beneficial, allowing you to understand how you move, how you are put together. Aside from the physical benefits, the space and peace for the mind in immeasurable....the perfect antidote for the London Life.