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I initially trained as a dancer and attended full time dance school from 2006-2009 but a back injury in 2012 put an end to my performing career and lead me to yoga, initially as a means of pain management. I soon started to notice not only the decrease in my back pain but also that yoga had a profound effect on my overall health of body and mind.

Having always loved teaching people to use their bodies, I decided in 2014 to complete my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Tribe Yoga to enable me to share my knowledge and my passion for yoga and its many benefits.

I specialise in Vinyasa Flow, ranging from beginner fundamentals, strengthening flow and more creative/fluid sequences.

More recently I also trained as a Yin Yoga teacher. Yin is the perfect accompaniment (antidote?!) to todays hectic (yang) lifestyle, focusing on long holds, breath and a more meditative practise.

In the same way that we as human beings, are individuals, Yoga is not one size fits all. No 2 bodies are alike, and it's incredibly insightful to begin to understand your body and way it likes to move. For some people, the biggest benefit will not be the building of strength or flexibility, but simply finding a little space and a little peace inside their mind.

As you start to re-connect mind and body it is incredible what you can achieve!

Feel free to get in touch to discuss group, private or corporate sessions and see how yoga can benefit you too.


Facebook: Hannah Mae Yoga